Written by Dani Toth | 29 March 2010

Dear reader,

I haven't posted in a few days because there has been a lack of motivation. I've completely lost the motivation to watch the remainder of the season. Of course I might catch a game or two, but I don't feel the drive to watch each and every game anymore.

There's been so much disappointment with this team. The product on the ice on some nights make it painful to sit through a whole game, in fact I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make it through some games if not for the gang over at Raw Charge that keep me entertained. The team's 7-1 loss to the Sabres on the weekend would have tried my patience if I still cared. Luckily I don't.


Tonight when I was looking up the point totals for Henrik Sedin (the Canucks are my home team), the league leaders for points amused me. The Lightning have two players in the top 6 of the league, St. Louis at #5 with 87 points and Stamkos at #6 with 86 points.

But the Lightning are also sitting at the bottom of the league in standings.



In the end, no matter how much offense we have, if our defense and goaltending sucks, then our team ends up in the same spot we were last year. Having a coach that doesn't know how to coach the type of the players on his roster has hurt this team. Tocchet doesn't belong in this type of NHL, he doesn't fit the style of what the NHL has become. After the Olympic break, it looked like the team wasn't responding to his coaching anymore and the team themselves completely wasted away their own playoff hopes.

It's too bad this team was in limbo this entire season due to the ownership quarrels and eventual sale of the team. If the ownership was stable, could a decision have been made during the season that could have save this season? Maybe. Could a coaching change have been made that might have saved the season? Maybe, but no reason to wonder since the season is over.

I can only hope for change after this season is over and a change in coaching seems to be the most obvious change to start with.

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Written by Dani Toth | 21 March 2010


1. FS Panthers fails for saying that this is Tocchet's 3rd season as head coach, it's actually his 2nd year (he took over for Barry Melrose last year) and what the hell is the stat for 48-67-0-26?

2. FAIL on head coach Rick Tocchet for having stats of 48-67-0-26

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Written by Dani Toth | 21 March 2010

Technically if we can go 10-0-0 we *might* be able to make the playoffs, but logically that just won't happen with a team that has lost 9 out of the 11 games since the Olympic break. When the pressure's on, this team really can bring the suck.

With 10 games left, the question for the Lightning now shifts to whether the Lightning can even finish this season strong. With the different levels of suck that they've doled out over the past week, and the team incoherence that has displayed in the past few weeks, finishing strong seems doubtful for this team.

Our goaltending since the break has been shoddy, minus the few flashes of a good goaltending from Niittymaki, we're right back to where we were last year. Mike Smith who is to make $2.4 million next season, although this year he is not injured, he is not playing like a #1 starter. Each game he plays make it more obvious that the GM will need to make a change whether is be a different set of goaltenders or a someone in the goaltending coaching area if they think he can get his game back.

With that being said, does the Lightning management think that Niittymaki is a true #1 starter? His contract is up and he will be looking for a raise from his $600,000 he got this season. If the Lightning don't think either of those two has the potential for being a consistent goaltender, there are a lot of goalies on the market this season, though that means those will also be question marks since they are being shopped.

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Written by Dani Toth | 18 March 2010

The good news? Ryan Miller is struggling and was pulled in the game against the Thrashers. The not so good news? He's looking to rebound from being pulled and the team won anyways over the Thrashers

Enemy Blog: Check out Double Edged Sabres

FACT: The Sabres are better than the Lightning
FACT: They are 14 points ahead of us in the conference
FACT: The Lightning need a win

Who cares about what we got going into tonight's game, the Lightning need a win and they need to overcome a better team. They need to over come an onslaught of injuries and weak play for that. I'm past hoping for the playoffs, but a win would still be nice no?


Line-up Notes:

  • Ryan Malone is out with an upper and lower body injury, 10-14 days
  • Mattias Ohlund is out with a lower body injury
  • David Hale is out with a lower body injury on injured reserve
  • Zenon Konopka is out with back spasms
Game time: 7:30pm ET on SUN (HD) no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 17 March 2010

Tomorrow the Sabres rolls in to town, perhaps handing us one of the 3 losses that will completely end our playoff hopes, until then some links of what went on in the Boltosphere

And a special shout out to Raw Charge for celebrating their 1 year anniversary no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 17 March 2010

Stick tap to John at Raw Charge for sending me this info:

Former NHL player and former Lightning assistant coach Wes Walz will be stopping by to talk some hockey at NHL FanHouse. They will be discussing today are the development of Steven Stamkos in Tampa Bay, the new proposed rule change for hits to the head and the progress of the Minnesota Wild.

Chat starts at 2pm EST and the link to join in on the live chat is here

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Written by Dani Toth | 16 March 2010

When Todd Fedoruk scores your only goal, you know that the offense is lacking. I won't even bother to recap tonight's loss. A loss is a loss, and with the Bruins and Thrashers winning tonight, the Lightning fall to being 6 points back from Boston in the 8th spot with the Rangers and Thrashers ahead of us.

As I said in my game preview, according to Mirtle's post in the Globe and Mail, the Lightning needed to go 10-4-0 for the rest of the season, with the loss tonight, they will have to go 10-3-0 to make it into 8th spot. If you are being optimistic, then you sounds like a Leafs fan trying to grasp at something statistically improbable. But I'm not optimisitc, because when it matters, this team doesn't have it in them to get the big win.

The problem I had with tonight's game had to do with penalties. The first issue was that the Lightning had 3 straight powerplay's but were not able to score on any of them. Really guys, if you want to play in the playoffs, scoring when it matters is important. The other was the tripping penalty that Downie took in the 3rd period to take the Lightning off of the powerplay. The penatly was completely unnecessary. And fail to SUN for continuously pronouncing Pyatt's name incorrectly. It was un-freakin-bearable.

Oh and FAIL to the Lightning website recap:

Phoenix Coyotes beat the Tampa Bay Lighting 3-1 Tuesday night.

The score was 2-1, which just shows that you didn't watch the game, or perhaps you gave up midway through the third?

Recap from my girl over at The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes

Next game Thursday against the Buffalo Sabres, game time 7:30pm

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