Written by Dani Toth | 17 October 2011

I can fly!!!!!

The mess continues, even at home. At least the newly renovated digs look nice?

That's a positive right?

  • Five powerplay goals were let in on NINE penalties
  • Five powerplay goals is the most Tampa has ever let in at home
  • You can't win a game when you spend the majority of it killing penalties
  • Why isn't Weiss being covered by somebody on that 6th goal?
  • As soon as Brewer took that delay of game penalty, you could bank on the Panthers scoring another PP goal
  • Bergenheim strikes with a shorthanded goal
  • Steve Downie is lucky he didn't get ejected from the game
  • Matt Gilroy walked away a plus three out of this debacle
  • Hedman and Clark should end up a minus 50 each. For all the praise I've been giving Hedman, he was atrocious.
  • Martin St. Louis had 8 shots but no points
This quote from Stamkos via the Lightning twitter is a perfect reflection of their effort:

"We need to find a way to get out of this & get something going because it's definitely unacceptable right now"

Next game: Thursday October 20th against the Islanders. That's three days to figure out your sh-t team. no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 17 October 2011


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Record: Lightning (1-2-2) Panthers (2-1-0)

Previous games: 3-2 OT Shootout loss on Saturday Oct 15

Game time: 7:30pm EST on SUN (HD)

It's the home opener of the season. Finally. After completing a pretty abysmal road trip, the Lightning are back at home at their newly renovated arena for three games. That's $40 million in renovations. A list of all the renovations that were being done can be found here. The list really is extensive, no? Personally I would be psyched for the cupholders.

We start things off our homestand with the second game in our home and home against the Panthers. Saturday night's affair looked like a mess of a team and Marc-Andre Bergeron taking things into his own hands. Too bad those hands aren't in the shootout. But a two wins in this homestand will have us back on track.

This is a huge night for the team tonight. Big expectations for the team playing at home for a game that means something since the playoffs. Big night for Roloson tonight and only a few more games until the Connolly decision comes down.

Go bolts.

Line-up Notes:

  • Roloson gets the start for the Lightning and rookie Jacob Markstrom for the Panthers makes his NHL debut
  • Shannon, Purcell and Gilroy are in
  • Pyatt and Gervais are scratched
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Written by Dani Toth | 15 October 2011


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Record: Lightning (1-2-1) Panthers (1-1-0)

Previous games: None yet

Game time: 7:30pm EST on SUN (HD), FS-Florida

It's the Panthers home opener tonight and the Panthers are going to wear some new jerseys. The first I even heard about them getting new jersey's this season was when I read the LBC's preview this morning, how bad can they be compared to their current ones?

Tonight is part of a home and home matchup against the Panthers and this is the last game in our road trip. The boys are no doubt looking to get home for our home opener, hopefully with a win. It's been three losing games in a row so maybe there is some concern about it, but looking at how the lineup keeps getting juggled and how many games we played last year, I would say to be patient. We can judge the team after their three game homestand and if we are still on a losing streak, then we can start hitting the panic button. Right now, be patient.

The Lightning are again having a line-up change as Connolly will skate with Stamkos and St. Louis again. Connolly only has a few more games before he's played out his 9 games and then the management will have to make a decision with him. Nice to see him getting a shot up on the big line with Stammer and St. Louis, he has moments last game where he looked like he could be a good fit, and then of course flashes where he looked a step behind. And Pyatt, Jones and Gilroy is in while Purcell, Shannon and Gervais is out.

Tonight some of you will be looking forward to seeing Sean Bergenheim again. Whatever. He went for some money with a team that looks like a mess. Have fun with that Bergenheim.

The Panther's line-up will look like this:

Line-up Notes:

  • Garon was first off the ice this morning so I'm assuming he's in goal and Jose Theodore for the Panthers
  • Connolly, Pyatt, Jones, and Gilroy are in
  • Purcell, Shannon and Gervais are scratched
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Written by Dani Toth | 14 October 2011

If you haven't seen this yet:

Awesome right?

Today we got our first look at the Tesla coils that will shoot lightning bolts to a length of about 20 feet. Did anyone else think The Prestige when they saw it? It seems pretty loud and a little small for 20 feet, but I'll hold back my judgement until we see the finished product on a game night.

Cristodero reports that it may not be ready to go for the home opener on Monday though:

The issue with the two coils, which are supposed to shoot lightning bolts about 20 feet to celebrate Lightning goals, is they need to be extensively tested. If delayed it would be because of "technical related issues," Lightning chief operating officer Steve Griggs said.

"Our goal is to have the majority of the changes completed," Griggs said. "But with the construction schedule going right to Monday there could be a couple things that could be off line."

Ok, so safety first but hopefully we'll get see it soon

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Written by Dani Toth | 13 October 2011


This photo pretty much sums up the game: players standing around watching the puck go in

The game started out with Hedman trying to clear the puck and instead batting the puck in. From there, you know this was going to be a sign of terrible things to come.

Stamkos tied it at 1-1 with his first goal of the season and maybe you thought that things were looking up. But then turnovers, weak coverage by the D, players caught standing still and Roloson getting the hook midway through the 2nd period was my summary of the game. After that 2nd period, I didn't make it through watching the 3rd period, hopefully neither did you. no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 11 October 2011

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Record: Lightning (1-1-1) Islanders (1-1-0)

Previous games: None yet

Game time: 7:00pm EST on SUN (HD)

I know the Forum is under renovations, but already it feels like we've been on the road for like FOREVER. Just two more games before we finally get our home opener next Monday.

This is the first time we play the Islanders this year with the 2nd one coming up at home next week. Last year the Islanders won three out of the four games we played but it's a fresh start now. Though the Lightning are 1-1-1 now, it's only three games into the season, so don't fret. 

For the first two games of the season the Islanders have started Al Montoya instead of DiPietro or Nabokov, and he'll get the start again tonight with Nabokov backing him up. For the record, DiPietro is possibly hurt, again. Enjoy laughing until the game starts

Line-up Notes:

  • Roloson will get the start in goal
  • Mattias Ritola and Bruno Gervais are in
  • Gilroy, Pyatt and Jones are scratched
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Written by Dani Toth | 10 October 2011


According to Lightning Strikes, Ohlund is getting arthroscopic surgery on both his knees and is expected to miss 1-2 months.

Quote via Lightning Strikes:

"We missed him the first month and a half of the year (last season), and it looks like we're going to miss him for the first month and a half, two months of the year," Boucher said. "So it hurts because what it does, we have to put (Victor) Hedman against the top lines, not that he can't do the job, he's been our best defenceman. It asks a lot of other guys that are not really in some of the spots (they) should be in...

"All I know is we've got a guy that plays against the top lines that we don't have. And you can't replace that. It' really puts a major hole in you're lineup and we've got a major hole in our lineup.

Some of you may be jumping for joy about not seeing Ohlund in the line-up for a while, but I think this will be a huge loss to the team. The defence is already pretty weak, and although he may be slowing down, Ohlund is still a solid defenceman. He is able to take pressure off of the other pairings as he can be matched up against top lines of the opposing teams. As Puck Daddy points out, Ohlund was a huge part of why our penalty killing was so good in the playoffs.

As Boucher points out, this means that Hedman will be matched up instead as he has been with Brewer over the last two games. The major implication is not on Hedman skating more minutes but on players in the bottom pairing playing more minutes, and have you seen Gilroy skate out there? no comments