Written by Dani Toth | 22 November 2011


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Record: Lightning (9-8-2) Leafs (11-8-2)

Previous games this season: None

Game time: 7:30pm EDT on SUN (HD), RIS (HD)

What's the over/under on how many questions will Hedman and Steckel have to answer about Crosby today?

These aren't your Leafs from last season, no these ones can actually win a game or two. On Saturday night's game of the Leafs vs. the Caps, the Leafs won 7-1 but then on Sunday night they lost 2-3 to the Hurricanes.

Scoring for the Leafs is coming from Phil Kessel who is leading the league in goals with 16 and points with 29. Not far behind in Joffrey Lupul who has 25 points.

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Written by Dani Toth | 20 November 2011

I had a friend comment to me the other day that Movember has been bigger than ever this year. Movember only made its appearance in our lives a few years ago, but each year it seems to keep picking up steam. Everywhere I go I see men on buses, in bars, on the street with dusters left, right and center. Friends of mine keep posting creepy photos on their twitter and Facebook that make them look super pervy, so personally I can't wait for this month to be over.

But it's for a good cause, and since we're at about the 2/3 mark of Movember and I think that it's about time we take a look at the effort our boys are making. Let's get started:

First we start out with Ryan Shannon, who is trying, but really just isn't growing anything:


Yeah, no dice. Points for trying I guess but Nate Thompson grows this level of hair after he has his morning coffee.

Grade: E for effort

And here is Dominic Moore:


Moore seems to be growing a 5 o'clock shadow, but no real definition of the mustache there. Where is the moustache Dominic?

Grade: Fail

Next up, Matt Gilroy:


Gilroy's moustache is just everywhere. Much like his hair is looking under that hat. It's all up to his nose and goes way past the lip area. Rookie mistake. Needs some serious grooming.

Grade: C

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Written by Dani Toth | 19 November 2011


You can't win hockey games when you only play 40 minutes of the game. Lightning lose 4-2.
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Written by Dani Toth | 19 November 2011


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Record: Lightning (9-7-2) Devils (9-7-1)

Previous games this season: None

Game time: 7:00pm EDT on CW44

Big win on Thursday night over the Pens. We are on a six game home win streak and tonight is another night at home. From what I remember from last season over the Devils, the Devils had our number. I think they won 3 out of the 4 games we played. I'm not sure how they are playing this year because I haven't paid attention, but their record is pretty much the same as our if that is any indication.
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Written by Dani Toth | 18 November 2011


After much bitching about sloppy play of late, the Lightning came up with a big win tonight.

Lecavalier should win all three stars tonight with his play. He had lots of hustle, two goals (one was an empty net) and never gave up on the puck. What a man.


No idea what Tyler Kennedy is doing there
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Written by Dani Toth | 17 November 2011


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Record: Lightning (8-7-2) Penguins (11-4-3)

Previous games this season: None

Game time: 7:30pm EDT on SUN (HD), NHLN-US

During the past couple weeks it's been kind of a surprise as to which team shows up on the ice each night. We seem to keep alternating between 2 or 3 game win or losing streaks. On a positive note, our home record has actually been pretty good with only one loss at home.

After being beaten by the Jets on Monday, the players had a players-only meeting. Those seem to be trendy this time of year when you lose to a shitty team like the Jets. Let's hope some good came out of it, though dind't we just have one a few weeks ago? And what happened to breakfast being the game changer?

This is the first game against the Pens since we last played them in the playoffs last season. The Penguins are currently atop of the Eastern Conference, 7 points ahead of us. As if everyone in hockey is not aware, Sidney Crosby isn't playing yet. Is there a requirement to write an obligatory Crosby article each time a team plays the Pens? Maybe beat writers get it pre-written in their games notes package.

Malone is not expected to play tonight, though he will be back for Saturday night's game against the Devils. And if you want to read about how much love Yzerman feels for Versus, who owns Comcast, who owns the Flyers, who bitched about the 1-3-1, have a read here.

Go bolts

Line-up Notes:

  • Roloson will get the start in goal
  • Malone is out, Purcell is expected to play
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Written by Dani Toth | 16 November 2011

From the GM meetings today in Toronto, one of the topics on the agenda was the 1-3-1 stalemate that happened between the Lightning and Philly. Not a whole lot came out of the meetings that has a direct effect onto what will happen in the near future, other than they will be monitoring games to see if this happens again.

Here are the quotes on the issue via NHL.com

Colin Campbell:

"We went around the room and got every manager's opinion on where we're at with that, I led the discussion saying we've played over 8,000 games since we took the red line out and this is the first time we've had a particular incident like this. We saw it in the World Junior [championship] one time, but the managers for the most part felt it is something we have to watch, work on and talk about it more in March. It's not the type of hockey you want to throw at your fans very often."

GM Steve Yzerman:

"It was good. We got everybody's opinions on things, and it was good. I think the general consensus is just monitor the game and the way it is played, and potentially if there are problems going forward that need to be adjusted, at the appropriate time there will be."

"It hasn't happened very often," Yzerman said of the controversial stalemate. "I think the way the game is played -- I think virtually every team in the League plays pretty similar, and I think it is a byproduct of the way the rules are now. Coaches figure out ways to play and ways to be successful with the personnel they have. If incidents occur like that more regularly, then obviously we'd have to look at altering the rules once again. Tampa Bay plays virtually the same way that every team in the League does."


Even if there is a problem going forwards, it's going to be a tough issue to tackle. A rule might have to be implemented, but then do you find fault with the team in possession with the puck or the team defending?

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