At the moment all ice hockey fans are focused pretty intently on the NHL season, as the regular season has entered its final month or so, and the top eight sides get set to do battle for the Stanley Cup in the play-offs, but some fans are destined to get disappointed. After all, although any fan will still have some interest in how the play-offs go, it isn’t the same if your own team isn’t one of those competing for the title. Thus, while you are waiting for the next season, and hoping your under-performing team does better next time out, an ice hockey themed slots game like Break Away can be a good way of wiping away the gloom.

One of the major benefits that an ice hockey slots game like this has over betting on the winners of the NHL is that you have much better chance of winning money – particularly if you support one of the less dominant teams and can’t bring yourself to bet on anyone else. Aside from this though, it is a hugely exciting video slot where every effort has been made to capture some of the excitement of a match – with the top notch animated graphics and audio effects pulling you right into the bone-crunching thrills of an NHL match – to the extent that you might be glad at times that you’re just playing a slots game!

The reels capture pretty much all the familiar sights of the NHL, including players, skates, hockey sticks, referees and a fiery puck. If you get this on your reel it triggers the Smashing Wild feature of the game – which can lead to anything up to 25 free spins. This is great opportunity to maximise your payout and, even if you don’t manage to win the top cash jackpot of $500 by playing Break Away, you would have to be very unlucky not to come out ahead from an evening playing this game. Games like Break Away can be found at online casinos like MobileCasino.mobi, that also feature a wide variety of other sports related slots games.