Just between friends, Stammer, we need to have a little heart to heart.

Now I know you are growing up, and you feel that you need to rock the hockey hair. Maybe this is a thing that you and Downie have going this season, but it's really just not working for me. I know it's not about just me, but let's be real here, your hair is getting a little outta control.

What am I talking about?

Let's go through some examples from this past weekend in Ottawa:

This whole get-up makes you look like a freakin candy cane...but it's the hair that just puts it over the top

This should just be case and point, but let's keep going.

This is when you got picked at the ASG draft:


All washed and with a blow-out here but notice how you have to tuck your hair behind your ears?

Alfredsson looks a little freaky there trying to hold his smile there. That would freak me out.

Here are your glam shots:


Nice Lightning bolt placement there.


Ah yes, the stick behind the shoulders look

Let's try the backwards hat (with oversized writing) look:


This = GOOD

And this photo with Spezza:


Um, you look like Spezza's inbred cousin there. Or an albino rat.


I'm just saying.

So for your pick-up game, not the one at the ASG but with women, maybe a little bit more focus on what your hair is doing would give you that extra something something.

As for some other shots from the game, I've tucked them after the jump...





Bro time between Stammer and Giroux, signing sticks together. All-Stars hard at work.