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Record: Lightning (17-23-4) Bruins (29-12-1)
Previous games: October 8, 2011 Bruins win 4-1
Game time: 7:30pm on SUN (HD)

Before the puck has even dropped, I feel like I've given up on this game. The Bruins are in town for the 2nd of four meetings this season and while we sit in last in our conference, the Bruins are in 2nd just 1 point back from the Rangers.

Predicting how the last couple of games have gone, I predict that the Bruins will get out to a 2-0 lead after the first. Of course we'll make some bad turnovers and the Bruins will get some chances off of these mistakes. We may then score a goal or two, one of which will be by Stamkos, only to end up losing the game like 4-2.

Frack. So this is how good the season is going huh?

How about winning boys?

As for what the Bruins bloggers are saying:

On the other hand, the Bruins are still winning hockey games and the Tim Thomas/Tuuka Rask breakfast combo is still the best in the NHL. Tuukka Rask leads the NHL in both save percentage (.946) and GAA(1.61). Tim Thomas is second in the NHL in SV% (9.37) and 6th in the NHL in GAA (1.99). They're the NHL's version of Batman and Robin. It seems that Rask may pull a Dick Grayson and become Batman in the near future.

Either way you look at it, Boston has a fantastic problem that most NHL clubs would love to have. They have two All-Star caliber goalies who could should contend for a Vezina Trophy if they're able to keep this up at the end of the season.

Yes Greg, I'd love to have your fantastic problem...

Go bolts

Line-up Notes:

Bruins injuries: Rich Peverly + Brad Marchand is suspended

Lightning injuries: Ryan Shannon, Victor Hedman, Adam Hall, JT Wyman, Mattias Ohlund, Dana Tyrell, Marc-Andre Bergeron

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