If you haven't heard, today the NHL made a formal announcement that 2013 Winter Classic will be the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs. The main event is supposed to have over 115,000 tickets available which to Bettman's ears makes a noise of ca-ching 115,000 times.

Via a statement emailed to The Detroit News:

"It will be a fantastic event with two great organizations at a storied venue," Yzerman said of the Jan. 1 game. "The perfect location and matchup, this is wonderful for the NHL.

"At this time I don't plan on participating in the alumni game but hope to watch the (Winter) Classic on TV."

Earlier today Wings GM had expressed hope that Yzerman would play in the alumni game for the Wings when they play against the Leafs in next years' Winter Classic. No reason why Yzerman wouldn't play was given, perhaps it is his health (his knee) which the Detroit News alluded to, or perhaps it's just because he is now the GM of another team.