This video is actually from Bruno Gervais' days back with the New York Islanders, so it's not new, but since I'm betting most of you have never seen it, I'm sharing my latest find. I came across it while reading an article posted on NHL.com which referred to his one time cooking show that after watching shows that he's actually kinda good with the camera. You be the judge on his video.

Besides the cooking show, he speaks honestly about how he lost his confidence while playing in New York and how tough it was for him to be scratched for the first part of the season with the Lightning.

Even though he was scratched he was still made to feel like a part of the team because of the routine he went through:

"When I started playing I felt confident -- being in the lineup wasn't anything new because I was part of the routine," Gervais said.  "The little things make a big difference, like the routine before the game, the routine in warmup, lots of stuff that I had been a part of, so it all seems normal once I got in the lineup."-NHL.com

Finally for the moment you've all been waiting for, cooking with Bruno Gervais: