There's something about a good article about Hedman that just makes me all warm and fuzzy. This one by Damien Cristodero is one that I read tonight that I think encapsulates his progress as a player. Also, Boucher was in metaphor-city with his quotes:
Boucher has called Hedman "terrific" and "a machine."

"He's turning into a monster. I love it."

"He's one of those guys you want to hurry up and blossom, and that's happening," Boucher said. "He's going one step at a time, but he's climbing that ladder and looking really good." -Tampa Bay Times
That's some high praise for the still young defenceman.

Hedman has matured and grown in a slow steady way. Sometimes its frustrating to watch the others around his draft class achieve more faster, but allowances have to made because he's a defenceman. And defenceman just take a little bit more time than forwards for the most part. His progress can only be measure in comparison to the year before, and the year before that, and his rookie year. It can been seen in the mistakes he doesn't make now, in the patience that he shows with the puck and the average of 22:20 minutes a game he plays.

For another great Hedman related article, read this one by the Globe and Mail on how his mom Elisabeth Hedman wakes up at 1:30am local time in Sweden to watch her son play hockey, heading back to bed for a few hours of sleep before teaching kindergarten during the day.