Shanahan on Malone video

First off, Shanahan is a stud. We really could end this post right here but let's go on and share the newest video, this one pertaining to our teams.

Today's video was about Ryan Malone's non-suspension after his hit on Chris Campoli. I actually thought that at the rate suspensions were being given out Malone would have had one coming to him. Since the Lightning won't play until Friday, I had expected this one to take a few days but the NHL was quick today in addressing the hit and why they didn't feel it was a suspension.

After watching the video, great judgement by the NHL. Also great to have Malone suited up for the first game of the season.


Brett Connolly had a bit of a Q&A today via the Lightning twitter. You can read his answers here but to save you time, they all go a little like "the guys have been great", "a lot of fun", "exciting" blah blah blah.

Today someone asked on twitter whether anyone thinks Connolly will stay up with the team for the whole year?

My first thought was that I hope he does. But then again, another year in juniors would not hurt either. Not that they are the same caliber in player, but I wouldn't want to rush Connolly like Wright was rushed when he was allowed to stay up with the club during the Tocchet season. And where is Wright now? Yeah, still in the AHL.

Connolly is different though. He's got a better skill set and has been so dedicated to working hard to meet the team. From the Vancouver Sun, Connolly left his home for the summer to train with trainer Peter Renzetti in Toronto. He's put on 10 lbs of weight but seems so much bigger and stronger because of it.

On Wednesday the Lightning will need to cut their roster by two players, and I'm thinking he stays. But just because he'll start with the The Lightning doesn't mean he'll spend the whole year with the team. The Lightning still have 9 games to decide whether they want to keep him up all year with the team and burn through his first year of his contract, or whether they opt to send him back to Prince George.

Ohlund on the IR

As per Cristodero, Ohlund will start the season on the IR. The IR is retroactive to Thursday and lasts a minimum of 7 days. Thought he'll be eligible to play in the season opener in Carolina, I think it's pretty doubtful that we'll seem him on Friday. Let's all curse him and his contract right now. Might as well get warmed up at it since we'll be doing it all season when he skate slowly across the ice.