I have come to love the Lightning girls. I have never seen one in real life, but I have found myself to being pretty adept to making fun of them. This one from Megan is a gem:

In this episode we learn:

-She is from itty bitty Plant City, FL. FYI Plant City is known as the winter strawberry capital of the world. THE WORLD people. Also has a population of 34,721 as of the 2010 census

-She recently graduated from the U of South Florida with a degree in Culture in Media Communications. Yes this really is a degree, I looked it up. It even has cute assistant professors like this (for the ladies). Cute, smart and Canadian. I see why she got her degree in this concentration.

-She loves hockey because it is a highly technical game but it's also very fun to watch. Agree on this statement

-She feels that we have the best fans in the entire world. Good company line there.

-Why are we the best fans? Because we are super enthusiastic and already ready to be there on game day. Woo!

I have that end shot where she pulls the hair out of her face and then attempts to sex the camera. Thanks Megan.

But the real question that begs to be answered from this video is: what is she trying to do with her tongue at the end there?

Did she come up with doing that for her video on her own?