I had a friend comment to me the other day that Movember has been bigger than ever this year. Movember only made its appearance in our lives a few years ago, but each year it seems to keep picking up steam. Everywhere I go I see men on buses, in bars, on the street with dusters left, right and center. Friends of mine keep posting creepy photos on their twitter and Facebook that make them look super pervy, so personally I can't wait for this month to be over.

But it's for a good cause, and since we're at about the 2/3 mark of Movember and I think that it's about time we take a look at the effort our boys are making. Let's get started:

First we start out with Ryan Shannon, who is trying, but really just isn't growing anything:


Yeah, no dice. Points for trying I guess but Nate Thompson grows this level of hair after he has his morning coffee.

Grade: E for effort

And here is Dominic Moore:


Moore seems to be growing a 5 o'clock shadow, but no real definition of the mustache there. Where is the moustache Dominic?

Grade: Fail

Next up, Matt Gilroy:


Gilroy's moustache is just everywhere. Much like his hair is looking under that hat. It's all up to his nose and goes way past the lip area. Rookie mistake. Needs some serious grooming.

Grade: C

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Ryan Malone:


You might not be able to see it's clearly here, but as usual with facial hair, Malone can grow it. And he's got swagger coming out of that tunnel.

Grade: B

Adam Hall:


Unlike Gilroy, Adam Hall has paid attention how to groom a moustache. Not a whole lot there, but I like the attention to detail by Hall.

Grade: B+

Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis:


I don't even know where to start.

Lecavalier's stache is trash. It's growing in patches, above and below his lip. There is all sorts of wrong going on on his face. Good effort for trying there Vinny, but the world may be a better place if you just opt out next year and donate to one of your teammates instead.

Anyone would look good standing next to Vinny. Martin St. Louis has got a moustache that completes the frenchness about him. I imagine him speaking French and wielding a sword with that little moustache. Does his do that for you too? Maybe that's just me.

Grade: FAIL for Vinny
            B+ for st. Louis

Now we take on Stamkos:


Depending on the angle when you see him playing, it's creepy. Last year I heard he Just for Men his moustache to make it darker, this is bringing your A game to the challenge.

Grade: A

Steve Downie:


Oh Downie. Your moustache is like your hair. Dark, curly and all over the place. It looks like it tickles. I think I need to throw up now.

Grade: B+

Nate Thompson:


This photo came up early in the month when we played the Panthers but Thompson's been pretty solid from the get go. Must be something in the water in Alaska.

Also, he looks good with it and not a lot of the guys I've seen do.

Grade: A +

Teddy Purcell:


This photo is great. Purcell is touching his moustache, talking about the finer points of it. He's taking his growing job seriously.

Grade: A

Brett Clark:


It's hard to see from this photo here and Clark never gets many photos taken of him or give many on camera interviews, but no one can beat Clark's moustache. He looks like one of my friends dad now that he is sporting the stache. He means all sorts of business with his stache and he's still got 9 days left in the month to get a better picture of it.

Grade: A+

So there you have it. Thompson, Purcell and Clark blowing away the competition. Maybe you have different thoughts than me, feel free to leave them in the comments.

For a better look of many of the staches, check out this video of the players comparing who has the best one: