If I hear one more person say that tonight's game was a chess match, I feel like I'm going to punch that person in the face.

The game was weird. Like when you are on an awkward date and you both want the date to just end already. In the end, it was a great end, but I could have done without the 70 or so 1-3-1 jokes I saw on my twitter. It's not funny after the first 5, seriously.

Via Puck Daddy, here is the video of the Flyers and their 'stall tactic':

I thought it was creative. Gotta give Laviolette credit for being creative. I remember the Flyers trying something similar to move the puck through the neutral zone during the last meeting of the season last year. Didn't have as much of holding time by Pronger, but similar idea.

And here is the expected Downie vs. Flyer fight we expected. Except it wasn't against the Flyer I had expected it to be against (Rinaldo).

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Holy size mismatch. Coburn has 6 inches on Downie. Almost feel bad for Downie there.

And here is how the game ended:

Lost in this mess will be effort that Dominic Moore made to make this goal happen. Connolly got the credit, but that was all Moore.