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Record: Lightning 1 Bruins 2

Previous games: Game 1: 3-2 Lightning, Game 2: 6-5 Bruins, Game 3: 2-0 Bruins

Game time: 1:30pm EST on TSN (HD), NBC (HD), RDS (HD) and on the radio

Tonight is not a must-win game, but really it is a must-win game. If the Lightning go down 3-1 in the series and head back to Boston for game 5, it's not a good situation. Like we've done it before, but I don't really like our chances of doing it again.

Scott Burnside says that someone needs to step forward in this game. I don't think it's one player, but the whole team. This game is not going to be won by one player stepping up, but a team effort. That being said, a lot of forwards need to step up. We aren't going to win games if no one is scoring goals. Roloson can only do so much.

If the Lightning even up the series tonight, we're back in this. It's a sold out crowd again, so bring the noise. Some other blogs are talking about how its disgraceful that the SPTF has so many opposition fans. Whatever. It's a positive thing for the Lightning to be selling out games right now after what this franchise has gone through in the past few years. Growing your fan base takes time, and I don't think it makes Tampa Bay fans any less of a fan than any other team. Sure it would be great to see the arena full of Lightning fans, but it will take time.

And sometimes it doesn't matter if it's a great hockey market, some fans just find a way to infiltrate. Like did you watch the Canucks/San Jose game last night? There were tons of Vancouver fans there and that doesn't make San Jose any less of a hockey market.

Line-up Notes:

  • Lightning injuries: Pavel Kubina

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