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Record: Lightning 1 Bruins 1

Previous games: Game 1: 3-2 Lightning, Game 2: 6-5 Bruins

Game time: 8:00pm EST on TSN (HD), Versus (HD), RDS (HD) and on the radio

The Lightning return home with the series all tied up. If you've watched the team all season, you know that Tuesday night's game had the team as far away from Boucher's system as they've been all year. It was surprising they were even able to battle back with that many goals.

So looking forwards to tonight's game, the Bruins have Bergeron back in the lineup. If you don't understand what that means, well it makes them miles better. Not only in their faceoffs, but in their defensive play as well.

A little off-topic:

There's a lot of sh-t being talked by Bruins fans on Tampa fans being upset about some recent advertising by the Bruins. I personally thought the Bruins advertisements were hilarious and so did any other fan I've talked to, so I don't know who was calling in to the Bruins organization all offended.

But the response was a bitch much, no? Is this supposed to make me feel like we have more of a rivalry? Other than making you sound like a jackass, it really doesn't do anything for me.

Line-up Notes:

  • Lightning injuries: Pavel Kubina

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