What a face that guy in the white is making in this photo. And that guy to the left of him also. Boston fans are hilarious.

So the story of the game was Tyler Seguin. I'll give him ups for a 4 point night when it seems Julien keeps plotting ways to limit playing him.

There might not be a full post on this game since I have a ton of stuff to do, so here is a few quick thoughts:
  • Lecavalier also had a four point night
  • The refs were out of control
  • That last Malone penalty was trash
  • Who took the over on the number of goals scored tonight? Man 11 goals in a ECF playoff game
  • Bear claws, bear hats and ice cream sandwiches. Savard's kids were awesome
  • Tim Thomas made some crazy saves
And what were you thinking Steve Downie?