Via Damien Cristodero's blog, Pavel Kubina says:

"I always watch the games (from the coaches' office)," Kubina said Friday. "I can't even go watch from the press box. It's too loud and too many lights. It's hard, but it's something I can't do anything about."

This is the first we've heard of him speak to the media since going out from that hit by Jason Chimera on May 3rd. The team has said that he is suffering from concussion-like symptoms but didn't make any more details available to the fans. While Simon Gagne took to the ice and made his eventual return, Pavel Kubina still has not skated.

Based on what Kubina said to Cristodero is doesn't sound like he is anywhere near coming back. And, that sucks because the team could really use this experience on the blue line. But injuries happen and every concussion is different. While the news is not encouraging, it puts into tangible terms the symptoms from the injury that Kubina is dealing with. So while he could make an eventual return to the ice, I wouldn't expect his return any time soon.