The Lightning went into this weekend coming off of a a win against Chicago and only 2 points back on the Washington Capitals. After playing two teams that were considered to be weaker they dropped both games. They lost to the Senators and lost in OT to the Panthers. Now the Lightning sit 5 points back from Washington.

Has this weekend been frustrating?


It pains me to watch this team have two great opportunities, not to surpass the Caps, but to just keep pace with them and they go and squander the games. I called these games a gift in my preview on Friday.

So the Lightning will still make the playoffs, but to encounter such a losing streak at this time of year  is not good for your fan confidence or your team's confidence. Some teams do hit a tough spot and will lose a few games, but this is the time of year where this should not be happening. This is the time of year that the team should be finding its stride and be building up confidence going into the playoffs. And though I hate to compare us to Washington, well, Washington is finding their stride. Like did you watch the game on NBC on Sunday? Washington wanted that game.

I don't know how playoff push pack sales have been going for the last 2 weeks but I cannot imagine that these past few games have helped. And this is really too bad. We all know the team can be good, and because we know they can be better is why this weekend's games were so frustrating.

Next game is Monday against the Leafs.

Two words: Play better