According to Elliotte's Friedman's twitter this morning, no further supplemental discipline will be handed out to Lecavalier (or Subban).

Quotes from Vinny in Erlendsson's article in the Tampa Tribune:

"He slew-foot me a couple of times in front of the net, it was a battle in front of the net and I thought he could receive a penalty,'' Lecavalier said. "I thought I had a great screen and that's when he slew-foot me, and he did it again. And then we went around the net and he slashed me twice on the wrist. I tried to show the refs, then I turned around and I slashed him back. I deserved the penalty, but I'm not sure about being kicked out of the game.''

"Obviously he came back and he was fine the next shift,'' Lecavalier said. "I just think we both should have had penalties. I looked at the replay and he slashed me twice on the wrist. So if I was going to get kicked out of the game, he should have, too. Just because he stayed on the ice . . . obviously he came back on the next shift. He was fine the rest of the game, he was good.''