Since I have no voice and feel like my whole body just got hit by a train, I took my first sick day in like 2 years. I think I used to enjoy sick days when I was a kid because that meant  you got to watch cartoons/cheesy soap operas/the food network endlessly while my mom fussed over me, the appeal isn't there any more now that I'm a grown up (there' no more mom when you live by yourself). Now taking a sick day means I'll have double the amount of work to do when I go back to work. But since I have the time on my hands, here are some links to stuff that happened over the past week. Just a warning, the spelling/grammar may be awful since my head is pretty cloudy

Let's start off with something more important than hockey -

Vinny Lecavalier and some of his teammates attended All Children's first year anniversary since it's opened on January 9th 2010 in its new location. This is the same hospital that Lecavalier donated $3 million to. They have some awesome photos on their Flicker stream which can be found here. Especially this one of Thunderbug and this one of this adorable girl holding a thank you sign.

Now some hockey stuff -

The ongoing inner ear problems of Ritola that seems to get aggravated by flying in planes seems to have been helped by earplugs. The pressure changes that occurs during flying seems to exacerbate the issues he has with Meniere's disease and the wearing ear plugs seems to help with it. My question about this is, why hasn't this been tried earlier?

Lightning 3, Cap 0
While the Caps were without Semin and had just played a game the night before, the Lightning was the better team last night. The Lightning outshot the Caps 38 to 23 and Roloson got his second shutout with the team. Mattias Ohlund did a fantastic job shutting down Ovechkin last night and ended the night a +3. The Lightning play the Devils tomorrow night at home with Roloson starting in net followed by an away game in Carolina on Saturday night

James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail put together a list of the top defensive fowards at the midseason and Dana Tyrell made his list at #13.

Great quote from Boucher in Lightning Strikes:
"Every game is a tough game," he said. "I wonder what the playoffs are going to be. Every game is important. 'Oh, this is a low-end team, you can't lose. This is a division team, you've got ti win that one. this is a game for first place.' Okay, so when do we get a normal game?"