No it's not because the playoffs don't have shootouts.

In a game that was between the two best teams in the Eastern Conference, tonight was set up for a good showdown. Tampa Bay came in looking to sweep the season series and Philadelphia was looking to get just one win over a possible Eastern Conference final matchup. This was like playoff hockey in February.

Except for the shootout.

So both teams played well. The Flyers learned how to score, and the Lightning rallied back from a two goal deficit to push the game to overtime. It was interesting to see the tactics that the Flyers came up with to get by the Lightning system although it took a lot of patience on their part and good foresight on where they wanted their passes to go. The Lightning relaxed their system a bit more in the third period, opening up the ice a bit more in the neutral zone.

Bullet points from the game:
  • Lecavalier scored his 13th goal of the game, he has five goals in his last four games
  • The Lightning played well against the best team in the East
  • Mike Vernace got his first assist on a pass to Kubina who fed it to Purcell for the Lightning's 3rd goal tonight
  • The Lightning gave up another shorthanded goal to Darroll Powe. Great shot by Powe though
  • Steve Downie drew a few penalties and was able to resist taking a fight with Coburn
  • James van Riemsdyk had a great game with a Gordie Howe hat trick
  • So Mike Richards did elbow Stamkos in the head. He's a bit of a douche
  • We suck at shootouts
Even though we lost tonight, it was in a shootout and there are no shootouts in the playoffs. The team played hard against the team to beat, and walks away with more confidence even with the loss.

Next game: Yzerman's old team, the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday