I realize that we just lost at home to the Devils, and that we are playing Carolina on the road today but this stat on the Lightning website is just from yesterday and I haven't had time to write about it until now:


So before tonight's loss, the Lightning had the best home record out of the entire league. And as of today they are tied with Phoenix, Carolina, Nashville and the Islanders for having played the fewest home games this season at 19 games each. This is in contrast to the Lightning being at the top of the league in number of away games played so far at 26.

So although the Lightning's schedule has been brutal this year so far with all the travel, the Lightning have a ton of home games coming up, especially in the month of February to even out the schedule.

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If you haven't seen the schedule yet, the Lightning will play about a month straight at home starting with the Thrashers on January 23rd all the way till Devils on Feburary 25th.



It's like a sea of blue. And note: there are no back-to-backs.

So with the Lightning's record of doing well at home, and some better goaltending of late from the acquisition of Dwayne Roloson, will we see the Lightning continue to be competitive for their spot in the playoffs in front of the home crowd?

With some time off between the all-star break for players like Downie to rest up his ankle, and a whole month of home games that are evenly spread apart, the month of February seems to look promising for the team to pile up some wins.