The Lightning played a good 1st period, a mediocre 2nd period and a ok 3rd period.

But I don't think this game even matter how well or not well our team played, but more on how little offense the Leafs have got. Their goalie James Reimer played a pretty good game though.

And let's talk about Simon Gagne here. Another goal? Yessssssss....

The hit by Phaneuf on Tyrell though was a little suspect thought:


Even though I find hits like these hilarious (Ohlund did a nice one in Vancouver), based on the reply I saw on TSN, Tyrell was not that close to the puck. I'll have to see another replay to be sure, but that's just my initial thought on it. Speaking of hilarity, look at the look of shock on the face of those two Leafs on the bench.

Lightning are now on All-Star break until next Tuesday against the Flyers. The Flyers are just 4 points ahead of us in 1st place in the conference.

Here is the video of the Phaneuf hit on Tyrell (not as bad as I thought initially):