Roloson would like to know what happened

He'd like to know why after going into the 3rd period up 3-2 on the Sabres, the Sabres can score 5 straight goals in the 3rd period?

6 straight goals since that one in the second period came late. Six straight goals. Jesus. How quickly a shortened bench causes the Lightning to unravel

Other thoughts:
  • Nine penalties taken by the Lightning. Some were a joke. The refs may be a joke
  • Steven Stamkos got another point tonight
  • Malone left the game with injury. This may be a big deal
  • Matt Smaby left the game with injury. This is not that big of a deal
  • GameCenter sucks when it thinks that TSN2, Versus or RDS is part of my local tv package. It's not.
Next game is Saturday night against Carolina