Forbes released its list of annual franchise valuations yesterday for the NHL with the Toronto Maple Leafs in top spot again.

Since the current CBA ends at the end of the this season, the salary cap will become a bigger topic of discussion after the All-Star break. The Forbes writer thinks that the NHL with a salary cap set at 57% of revenue is too high for some teams to be profitable. He says that the NHL needs to get closer to the 48% model in their new CBA that the NFL agreed to or the 50-50 revenue split National Basketball Association’s owners and players recently agreed to.

Since this is a Lightning blog, Tampa Bay comes in at #21 in their rank of the most valuable franchise, valued at $174 million. The Lightning's revenue came in at $87 million which also has them ranked at #21 in revenue. What is interesting is that the 1 year change for the Lightning revenue is 20% which is a really positive sign for the organization. The increased revenue can be attributed to the outstanding play of the team last year translating into increased tickets sales and of course 3 rounds of playoff revenue.