As per TSN's Darren Dreger's twitter:

Ongoing investigation into last nights altercation near Lightning bench. Could be fines, warnings or nothing. Not a lot of video evidence.

Not a lot of video evidence? Was this game not being filmed by HBO?

If there is a fine, as we learned from when Downie jumped off the bench, it will most likely be the max fine of $2,500.

But the question is what actually happened?

From Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News:

“I was there at the TV timeout, on the left wing, and I was right in front of the bench. Their coach [Guy Boucher] looked up and started yapping at me,” Hartnell told the Daily News. “I was just sitting there, not doing anything. Then, two guys started slashing me from the bench. I just kind of pushed their sticks out of the way. I ended up getting 10 minutes for really nothing. I've never seen a coach start yelling at an opposing player from the bench for just standing there.”

Hartnell said he didn’t know what Boucher was saying because he could not understand him.”

Riiiight Hartnell. It was all Guy Boucher.

Via Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune, here is what Malone said about the game:

"It was a weird game,'' Malone said. "I just think (Hartnell) was standing too close to our bench, I think ... it reminded me of (the movies) "Slap Shot'' or "Youngblood'' or something. I didn't know what was going on.''

These references finally make sense to me since I (finally) watched for the first time both Slap Shot and Youngblood this Christmas weekend. More updates later on the situation if anything comes out of it.

Update at 4:00pm:

Tweet from @renhockey: