Stamkos says he needs to compete harder:

"You learn how much different the game is in the playoffs than the regular season," "You may be competing hard, but it's not hard enough in playoff hockey. That's something I learned and will address." -St. Petersburg Times

What did Stamkos have to say about this hit by Orpik on him?

"I've been hit like that before," he said. "You have to take hits to make a play, and we actually got the puck and got a shot off. But I knew it was coming. I've played against him for three years now. He's one of the hardest-hitting guys in the league. It's a clean hit, and it was a good way to start the game for them, I guess."
-St. Petersburg Times

Of course this is where the lack of experience has its impact, but it's one game, and Stamkos knows how much harder he'll have to work in Game 2.

What Coach Boucher had to say about the Pens defencemen:

"They're very quick on the transition of the puck. They're very quick to break out. So, you think you have them on the forecheck, but they want to be pressed. They want to draw you to make that quick pass, and they're very good in traffic areas to make that first pass. You either have to press them really hard or back off. If you're stuck in between, it ain't going to work for you." -St. Petersburg Times

This and that:
  • The Lightning had a team dinner tonight at Morton's steakhouse. It's a time for the boys to regroup and lighten the mood from the shutout last night before going back to the pressure tomorrow night. I'm assuming Marty went for a milkshake and took his dinner through a straw though.
  • Apparently there are still tickets available for the games at home. Tickets start at just $30 bucks on ticketmaster.com Buy them or Pens fans will
  • The Lightning only won three of fourteen penalty-kill faceoffs which really hurt their PK
  • The Lightning did have a team high 44 hits in the game
  • Then again, they did allow a season high 40 shots on Roloson
  • Boucher might switch up his lineup for Game 2, and instead of 12 forwards and 6 defencemen, he might go with 11 forwards and 7 defencemen
  • Since he's coached both, Boucher says Stamkos is similar to Crosby and will make an impact in the playoffs soon. There's a lot of pressure on him to do well, and he's being faced with top defensive periods which he's struggled against (Toronto Sun)