Did you win your fantasy hockey pool this year? Or perhaps like me, come almost dead last?

Well the playoffs let's you start over!!!


So although we may hate these jobbers by the end of the series, The Pensblog is running their annual Rinkotology, which is a fantasy playoff pool. Winner gets money.

How much money?

There are three divisions. The top five in each division will win money:

1st place: $300

2nd place: $250

3rd place: $200

4th place: $150

5th place: $100

And the overall winner of the entire Quest For The Cup will win an extra $700, for a total of $1000

The entry fee is 10 bucks. You have to have ten forwards, four defensemen, and two goaltenders. As they play, they accumulate points for goals, assists, hat tricks, series clinching goals etc. Click here to sign up. Full rules here

So, apologies for not telling you about this earlier, but the registration is over at 5:00 pm EST April 13th (that's TOMORROW).