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Record: Lightning 3 Penguins 3

Previous games: Game 1: 3-0 Pens, Game 2: 5-1 Lightning, Game 3: 3-2 Pens, Game 4: 3-2 Pens, Game 5: 8-2 Lightning, Game 6: 4-2 Lightning

Game time: 8:00pm EST on TSN (HD), Versus (HD), SUN (HD), Versus (HD), ROOT and on the radio at 970 AM

It's Game 7 people and anything can happen tonight. The Lightning come into this game with the momentum of winning the last two games in a row. They have been converting on the powerplay while the Pens, well they have not. Coming into tonight, the Lightning may be the better team here, but it's Game 7 and really anything can happen tonight.

First thing to note, is that the game doesn't start till 8pm tonight. And if you are in Canada, TSN is showing it instead of CBC.

Having just played two elimination games, it's like the Lightning have just played two Game 7's. So the mindset coming into tonight is no different from Saturday or Monday's game. The boys need to play to win, apply their offence and keep their emotions in check.

Like I said earlier, special teams have been a huge advantage to the Lightning. They have kept the Pens again scoreless on all 5 powerplays last game. As a Pens fan, you gotta think they were wishing there was a rule to decline the powerplays and just play at even strength.

Quote from coach Boucher in the St. Petersburg Times:
"For me, it's not: 'We're going to a seventh game.' We just played what were two seventh games for us," ,"I know (the Penguins) haven't, because their backs weren't against the wall. Ours have been against the wall for a little while now, I'll tell you that."

This is it fans, after a surprising year with its ups and downs, this could be the end of our season or the start of the next series tonight.

Go Bolts!

Line-up Notes:

  • Lightning injuries: None
  • Lightning scratches: TBA
  • Penguin injuries: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Dustin Jeffrey
  • Matt Cooke is still suspended

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