The Lightning win Game 7 by holding on to a 1-0 lead that was scored in the 2nd period.

The Lightning now move on to Round 2 to face the Washington Capitals.

The series against the Pens was a weird one with the Lightning being down 3-1 in the series before coming back to win three in a row. The Lightning played a Penguins team that was missing their top players, and still, Pittsburgh gave the Lightning a hard time. It was a great effort by Pittsburgh who pushed this series to 7 games.

The fact that this series went to 7 games speak to how hard the Penguins players embraced their new style, the coaching of Bylsma and the lack of finish and cohesiveness by the Lightning. The Lightning are not as good of a team as they could be, and at times, didn't look like they played to win.

Next round will only get harder. Buckle up.