Sometimes the best way to get to know your playoff opponent is to get to know the people that know them the best.


If you don't know of The Pensblog, then you don't know sh-t or you have been living in somewhere remote and don't have a love for hockey.

Either you love their style or you hate them as much as they hate Steve Downie. Like you, I will probably turn to hating them by the end of this series because I don't handle confrontation well. And as far I remember the Acid Queen photoshops from a couple years ago would make me cry in a corner if that was directed at me. Right now we're still friends, so I've asked the boys to answer a few questions heading into the series.

First off, we start with some obligatory questions about the Pens' strength/weaknesses and then we'll get into some of the more fun questions.

Strength of the Pens in the series?

Defense. Sounds so weird. The Pens defense if where this series will be won for them. Letang has been playing like he is drunk though.

Weakness of the Pens in the series?

Scoring. Honestly if the Lightning get up two goals in any game, it may be over. Goals have been hard to come by this season. It is going to take a lot of work to keep this season alive

Has Bylsma figured out how to manage the Lightning's 1-3-1 style?

How good is the coaching matchup in this series? Byslma never adjusted to Montreal last year, we will see if he learns to prepare for the Lightning.

How do you think Boucher's 1-3-1 style will work in the playoffs?

If they get early leads in games the 1-3-1 will be deadly. Remember the Penguins once used the 1-4 delay to win a cup once.

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Do you think Crosby will make an appearance during this round of the playoffs?

No way. The playoffs are a different speed. And this series is fast. Would be shocked if he comes back.

How many 'will he or won't he play' stories about Crosby can I read before I'm sick of them?


Use two words to describe the James Neal trade

Jury Out.

Use three words to describe Steve Downie

That isn't fair because Steve Downie can't read.

Ryan Malone left Pittsburgh (his hometown team) for the money and because of his decision didn't win a cup in 2009. How do Pittsburgh fans feel about him? Will he play that much harder because its against the Pens?

The Puck Huffers just ended their fantasy hair league. Who on the Pens has had the best hair all season?

Michalek's hair didn't move once. just saying.

Predict the series: This series just smells of seven games. And in seven who knows. Would not be surprised to see a few OT's games with a possible marathon OT game as well.

Thank you to The Pensblog for answering my questions. If it's not 5pm yet, then you still have time to get a last minute submission intot heir Rinkotology hockey playoff pool. DO IT