Tonight's win in Game 2 was a stunning win.

No doubt that when Ovechkin tied up the game with just over a minute left in the third period had your heart just fall. But things fell into place and Lecavalier wristed a shot past Neuvirth to give the Lightning the win in OT.

But let's recap:

The Lightning were outplayed by Washington throughout the first and the second period. Shots in the 1st period were 11 to 6 and in the 2nd period were 16 to 3.

It was penalty city for both teams. No coach would have been impressed by the amount of dumb penalties that were taken.

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The Lightning capitalized on a powerplay in the 1st period with the classing from Marty to Vinny. 1-0 Bolts on a penalty taken by Ovechkin.

In the second period, From a shot that Nicklas Backstrom doesn't get through, Brooks Laich ties it up 1-1. The Lightning sucked balls in the second period.

In the third period the Lightning are a brand new team. They are playing offensively and outshooting the Caps 11-5. Martin St. Louis (and Mike Green's skate) gets the go ahead goal at 7:35.

Minutes are winding down in the game. Boudreau calls a time out. Caps pull their goalie. You get the feeling something big is going to happen.

With just over a minute left int he third period, Ovechkin did what Caps fans were hoping would come from their leader


And crushed Lightning fans everywhere. Tie game. Ovechkin celebrates like a jerk

Now even though we have just as good as a chance of winning this game as the Caps, after watching all three periods, I questioned whether the Lightning had what it takes to win it.

A bad change by Scott Hannan allowed Randy Jones moves the puck quickly from the defensive zone to a speeding Purcell in the offensive zone. Purcell feeds it to Lecavalier.


Mike Green learned that maybe he chose to cover the wrong man. Lecavalier gets it over Neuvirth's shoulder and wins the game 3-2.



Problem for Washington in this game: Not converting on any of the six powerplay's awarded to them