We're wrapping up the weekend, and the end of the month of October with the Lightning at the top of the Eastern Conference:


Wait what

Yes that's right, after 10 games played the Lightning 7-2-1. Even after having both of our goalies somehow having alternating meltdowns, we're atop of the East. The Lightning sit just one point back from the LA Kings who are now the top of the league.

Lightning 3, Phoenix 0

  • Dan Ellis got this first shutout as a Bolt
  • Mattias Ritola recorded his first NHL goal with the opening goal of the game at 15:59 of the second period
  • Steven Stamkos got his 9th goal of the season

Western Roadtrip

The Lightning continue on their Westcoast roadtrip to the state of California where they will spend the rest of the week. Next game isn't until Wednesday where they will face the Anaheim Ducks, followed by the Kings on Thursday and then pop into the Shark tank on Saturday. The Ducks have been winning games here and there, but the true test will come for the Lightning against the Kings, who as I said earlier are atop of the Western Division.

The 'Lightning Insider'


At some point or another, you may have come across the 'Lightning Insider' on the team website. It popped up a few years ago as a blog written by someone inside of the organization that is designed to give updates about the team . In it's bio from 2007, it says the insider is the Lightning's "resident snoop". Really cheesy.

We are now in the 2010-11 season, and this blog continues to exist and usually runs two or three times a week with posts usually on game days. While the information is sometimes interesting in giving game day updates about the team and information about what the team is up to while they are away on road trips, isn't it time to give up the 'Lightning Insider' and all it's cheesiness?

Why can't the Lightning just tell us who on the staff is the team blogger and just be done with the Dick Tracy-like logo. The 'Lightning Insider' is lamesauce. Do Lightning fans really need an anonymous 'resident snoop' that just comes across as some cheesy gimmick that the Lightning organization is trying to impose on their fans? No one cares who actually writes it, and maybe it's multiple people that write the blog, none of that matters to the people who might want to read about updates from the Lightning staff. What matters is that it doesn't come across as being not credible and childish with it's technique. In fact, I'd bet that people don't even notice it on the website because it doesn't seem appealing to read.

The other team I follow, the Canucks, do not attempt to spread this amount of cheese on their website. Instead, they have Derek Jory, a reporter with the Canucks that give similar updates and stories on Canucks.com. He's become very well liked with his unique perspectives on travelling with the team or team stories that the average fan wouldn't get from just watching the game. And no anonymous persona needed.

What do you think - do you think the days for the 'Lightning Insider' need to be over?