Cristodero reports that Ohlund will not play for at least two weeks as his knee is inflammed as well as has fluid in the knee. Already someone in the comments of Cristoder's blog is crying for Ohlund to be buried down in the minors like Wade Redden.

Calm the f-ck down Lightning fans.

Mattias Ohlund is not Wade Redden and the Lightning are not dealing with cap issues like the Rangers are.

Although Ohlund has had some injury issues in the past few seasons, he is still a solid player with tons of experience that the Lightning need on the backend. Outside of St. Louis, Stamkos and Downie, everyone sucked last year under Rick Tocchet and and Ohlund was no different. Besides goaltending, one of the weakest spots for the Lightning is their defense so to suggest that we just bury Ohlund in the second year of a seven year contract is just absurd right now. He did have a scope done on his knee during the summer and if he has an inflammation that just popped up during the pre-season, now is the time of him to rest with the next few days before the regular season starts and maybe a couple of games to start off the season. Maybe this will give another player who is on the bubble a change to play that was unexpected and for a player to step up in Ohlund's absence. He will be missed if this injury is longer than two weeks, but that will be a problem that Boucher will tackle in the future if it occurs.