The return of Simon Gagne to Philadelphia tonight was the talk coming into tonight's game. The video tribute to Gagne that was put on before the game was well done. The standing ovation when he hit the ice was classy Philly. Normally I don't call things they do in Philly classy, but tonight they did a great job with it.

If you want the full version of the video tribute Erlendsson uploaded one up to youtube that you can find here (I warn you it's from up in the press box on what looks like his camera phone), but here is the standing ovation that I found on NHL.com

In the game itself, Gagne didn't have as big of a night as I'm sure he was hoping for. He only had one shot on goal but ended up as the 1st star of the game. Karma should always work like this.

Recap after the jump boys and girls...

What happened:


Halfway through the first, Ellis makes a save on a Richards breakaway. Richards has his tongue hanging out of his mouth in this shot. Kinda cute there Richey.


Steven Stamkos opened up the scoring with a wrist shot on Boucher (the goalie) to make it four goals so far in three games.


But the Zherdev answers back quickly and makes it 1-1 heading into the 1st intermission. He rolls by the bench like it ain't no big thing.


Sometime during the game...Carter decides to play hopscotch over the puck.


And Vinny and Pronger get in a collision.

Midway through the 2nd period the Dominic Moore gets his second and the Lightning regain the lead.

Into the third period:


Pavel Kubina get his first goal of the season only a minute an a half into the 3rd period to make the lead 3-1. His goal ties him with Dan Boyle for the all-time franchise record among defencemen at 66.


Danny Briere looks like he's orgasming off of this goal.....or sniffing his armpit. But this as far as the Flyers get to a comeback.

Bolts win bitches