I plan to check in on the attendance numbers throughout the season but thought that we should start off with the first game of the season. This post is short because there's not a whole lot to talk about yet, but a few points to make.

The numbers at the gate as per the box score on the Lightning website put the attendance at 19,719. ESPN puts this number at 100.2% of capacity, so in other words, sold out. Good numbers to see which means lots of interest in this team.

The numbers itself can't be taken for face value though as we have to take into consideration that not ever ticket going through the gate was actually sold. Many tickets could have been given away as a promotion to get people out to see the team. Also, because the game was not sold out as of the morning before the game, last minute tickets were sold at the box office as prices as low as $8 to make sure the game would sell out. Nevertheless it's good to see strong numbers as it reflects interest by people to check out the team.

For your reference, previous attendance numbers for season openers:

2009-2010 Oct 8 against the New Jersey Devils: 17,454
2008-2009 Oct 11 against the Carolina Hurricanes: 18,552
2007-2008 Oct 4 against eh New Jersey Devils: 19,454