Admiral’s Salute! Week 1!


Why hello there! My name is Arik Knapp, and I will be your season long navigator to the Norfolk Admirals- farm team of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Before I launch into week one of Admirals coverage (horribly named “Admiral’s Salute!”) I’ll let you know a little bit about myself and what I hope to accomplish/cover here. I mostly write at the 4th Line Blog, a Calgary Flames blog, but when I found out I was moving to the Norfolk/Hampton Roads area, I emailed the wonderful Dani and offered to give some Admirals coverage here. And so here it is. Admirals coverage.


I’ll tend to give little post-game wrap-ups for you, progress reports on prospects, and when someone gets called up for injury/suspension/whatever reasons, I’ll stop by with a few thoughts on them and their play. Most weeks I’ll try and make at least one game, though not the away games for obvious reasons.


Anyways, here’s the first ADMIRAL’S…SALUTE!

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Game 1- At Binghamton


First, I’d like to point out that the refs name was Chris Brown. This entertains me.


Anyways, this was certainly an interesting game. At 7-4, neither team had solid goaltending or defense, but the Admirals certainly outplayed the Senators in all but the final frame, holding a 31-20 shot advantage through the first 2 periods, but getting outshot 16-8 the last.


TBL 2005 4th round draft pick Blair Jones was an absolute monster last night, putting six shots on net and making sure 2 of them were goals. At this point, it’s hard to say if we’ll see this all year, or if he’ll be able to do it in the NHL, but it’s a great start. Paul Szczechura had a similar game with 6 shots on goal, but only managed an assist on the last goal of the night. Still, he wasn’t out for any goals against, which in this game says a lot. Blair Jones on the other hand, broke even. Not the greatest defensive showing, but it could’ve been worse...


He could’ve been defenseman Ty Wishart, a godawful -3 on the night. That’s right, on a night where the enemy scored 4 goals, three of them were while Wishart was on the ice, not to mention a needless slashing call at the end of the second. Not pretty. On the other side of the blueline though, Kevin Quick was just terrific. He put up 3 assists, 2 on the powerplay and 1 at EV. Only one goal against while he was skating, which, given the game, is pretty alright. While he’s never been an offensive defenseman, he could be learning a little bit about that part of the game. Again, it’s only the first game of the season, so those might be the only three assists he scores all year.


In goal, Tokarski was up and down. While he did allow 4 goals, he was terrific on the penalty kill and it’s not like he was getting the greatest defense in front of him. When the pressure really started going in the third, he was great, stopping all sixteen shots.


That’s the first Admirals roundup, you’ll see the next one in about a week. Bear with me for a couple weeks while I figure out what format I want to use here, it shouldn’t take too long.