Admirals Salute Weeks 2-3

Welp! I've been slow to update for a number of reasons, but here's the newest Admiral's Report for you. The Norfolk Admirals currently stand at a terrific 5-2-0-0 after a scorching 4-0-0-0 start which becomes even better one I get to the scores.


The scores through 7 are as follows:

7-4 @ Binghamton

4-0 VS Worcester

7-2 VS Worcester

5-1 @ Hartford

1-3 @ Syracuse

3-2 @ Albany

3-4 @ Worcester


As was expected they've cooled off a bit, but it's a been a very road heavy schedule as well. This weekend they'll play two games at home before spending a bit of November on the road again. Now- on to the new format in which I put various players into various categories that are Navy related (since it's the Admiral's and all)!


Advancing (increasing their stock in the organization through strong play):

Ty Wishart D- Wishart has been rock solid from the blueline. Tied for 4th on the team in points with 7 alongside partner Mathieu Roy, Wishart's 3 goals and 4 assists indicate him finally developing into the player the Lightning hoped he would be when they traded away Dan Boyle for him and Matt Carle. As a former 1st rounder, he has high hopes and, while I wouldn't expect him to play at a point per game pace, could turn this strong play into a promotion if anything happens to the Tampa Bay blueline. Remember, defense takes a while longer to develop, so despite being a 2006 draft pick, he's not too far off schedule.

Johan Harju LW- An older player, relatively speaking, but one who's developing really well this year. He's got 8 points in 7 games, and while his SH% is a little high (20% right now) I wouldn't expect him to fall off too much. He played to the tune of 4-14-18 in the KHL last year for Moscow Dynamo, and while that's a tougher league than the AHL, it's not so significantly tougher that the 8 points this year are skewed. While he's still got some growing to do, he's putting up a good game in Norfolk, and he'll get more ice time as the season goes on.

Cedrick Desjardins G- Desjardins is an interesting player, since he's putting up far better stats than he ever did in junior. His SV% has been increasing every year since becoming an AHL regular (.909, .919, .922), and while Tokarski is the Goalie Of The Future for the Bolts (at least as proclaimed by a lot of Lightning blogs) Desjardins is the call up goalie of the moment. If either Ellis or Smith go down, expect to see Desjardins listed below in the next section...


Getting Promoted:

Blair Jones C- In the wake of Simon Gagne's injury, Blair Jones absolutely deserved this call-up. While not a huge guy, Jones is strong on the puck and a smart player. He was near leading the Lightning in points and was leading in shots, indicating a good possession game rather than just good percentages. His last call up was filled with him fighting, but expect to see him get some better ice time and a small chance to contribute to the team offensively, rather than just fill out numbers on the bench as well as Nick Boynton's face.

That's it for this week folks. As the season goes on I'll start getting into who's trending down, etc., but for right now we're still gauging the status of players.