I thought that maybe I should write something about whether Vinik is close to announcing his new management team and then maybe speculate about a few names. Let's try my hand that this style of writing shall we?

Vinik did say that he would hire someone within 30-60 days on April 12th after the firing of Lawton and Tocchet, and well the 30 days is upon us! So let's speculate as to why he didn't announce his hires in 30 days! God forbid he should take the full 60 days to announce his new CEO and GM, the beat writers might go crazy trying to reword the same non story over and over.

Perhaps my post should start with Stevie Y....then should add some Pierre McGuire in...and maybe some assistant something or another from the Predators (they are trendy these days). Maybe I should speculate that perhaps the reason he has not announced anyone is because they are still working for a team that is currently in the playoffs!

And then maybe I should offer my opinion that Vinik is really running out of time here...because he has what, another month to go to the draft? (god forbid those scouts actually did something all year) blah blah blah. And then maybe I'll bold some names in my post just to make it seem like there is content in there.

Now that was fun little writing exercise. Wish you could take back those 2 minutes that you spent reading this?

Yeah that's how I felt when I read this, which may or may not be this, just with a few names bolded and 4 days later. Read the comments of the article, it appears I'm not the only one who felt that way about it either.