Sometimes in life there are changes and you just gotta roll with those changes. Today was a great day because of it.

You may ask why was today such a great day?


Today marks a a new chapter in Lightning history with Stevie Y being named as our new GM.

Today brought hope to this otherwise sad excuse for a franchise.

Yeah that's right, hope. It's a powerful thing. We can debate his qualifications during the off season but right now the only thing you need to know about why this guy is so badass is because he's Stevie fucking Y!!!!

Go check out Don't Trade Vinny for Yzerman's resume that he submitted to Vinik if you don't understand how this hire came to fruition

Other big changes that happened today?

As you may have noticed on the banner, this blog has had a makeover. It's a bit of a fresh start for this hopeful Lightning blogger. So reset your google readers/bookmarks/rss feeds etc to:


After sticking with The Hockey Bay Blog for as long as I have there was some confusion (not really confusion) by an individual who ran another "website" that shared the same name as me. After much thought, I've decided to change the name to Lightning Hockey Blog. I'll call it LHB when I feel lazy. Easy enough to remember right? Good

Don't fret, everything about the blog will stay exactly the same. And like the team, the changes made will just make us more badass for next season.

*Big thanks to Derek, Ben and Dave at Bloguin for helping me with the change. As always these guys are awesome.