Steve Downie, who hasn't made had a questionable incident in...oh a week....after playing well in Friday night's game against the Caps, decided tonight after Orpik's hit on Stamkos, to get some retribution for Orpik's hit by making some attempt at a slewfoot on Crosby.

Here is the video in case you missed it:


When you have critics writing good things about you, adding another notch to your history of douchebaggery is not the right move to make. I know that I am a Lightning fan, and should defend my own player, but it incenses me that Downie did this. If he was upset about the hit on Stamkos he could have picked a fight, but to be this classless crap disgusts me.

Downie did get a 2 minute penalty and Crosby did return to the ice. The Lightning face the Penguins again on March 31st in Pittsburgh