Two quick things I came across in my reading today:

1. In the Globe and Mail article by David Shoalts today about Ice Edge and the Phoenix Coyotes, the numbers of how much Jeffrey Vinik came out. I knew it was significantly lower than what OK Hockey had paid, but this was the first that I've seen of the actual amount: $100 million

And the Phoenix Coyotes are being sold off at $160 million

2. H/t to John at Raw Charge on finding this, on facebook the Lightning are having a limerick contest for St. Patricks Day. In case you forgot what a limerick is, it's a 5 line poem with an aabba rhyme scheme. I'm not sure if the Lightning will allow me to put my submission which I'm sure will be filled with sarcasm up on their facebook page....but I figure this is how mine will start off:

There once was a coach named Rick Tocchet...