I don't have time to give my thoughts on the issue, brain is like mush from being overworked by my office, so just have some quotes from Lecavalier and St. Louis after hearing that no suspension would be handed out to Matt Cooke.

All quotes taken from the Toronto Star or the National Post.

First up Lecavalier:

“I can’t believe it. This guy’s been doing that his whole career. He’s been hurting a lot of guys. Take Marc Savard, he’s going to be out for the rest of the season. I can’t believe they’re doing nothing about it. They’re protecting, definitely, the wrong guy that’s for sure,”

“It’s time they make it black and white and not a shade of grey. That’s the way it is right now and a guy like Matt Cooke is getting away with it again. That’s obviously too bad.”-Toronto Star

“I saw three or four times his hit, he knew exactly what he was doing when he came with his shoulder,” said Lecavalier. “He knew exactly he was just gong to hit his head, that’s how guys get hurt, he’s got no respect for players.” -National Post

“If that hit is not a suspension, I don’t know what is,” -Toronto Star

“I think there should be some consideration when guys are in a vulnerable position and guys are just following through with a hit like that,” said St. Louis. “ From the replay I thought for sure he’d get suspended but I haven’t looked at all the angles they looked at.”