After the hire of Boucher, not a whole lot going on until the draft happens on June 25th. Until then, I'll write on things as they pop into my head or if there is any news of interest that breaks.

On Friday, the St. Petersburg Times had one of their better end of week/weekend articles written by John Romano (as compared to the sometimes repeated articles that seem to be produced by some writers). It didn't have anything breaking but was an article that gave little glimpses into what our coach, Guy Boucher and our GM, Steve Yzerman is like.

They ate in the middle of the restaurant. No back room. No hidden booth.

On a crowded Sunday night in late May, they talked hockey at a place called the Keg, an upscale steak house in the Toronto suburb of Burlington. Sitting right there in front of God and everyone. Waving to customers. Signing autographs. Shaking hands.

Just Steve Yzerman. And some other guy.

The article is worth the read, if not for showing how calculated Stevie Y is, or for giving a little insight into Boucher's adaptability, then for their excellent headline: Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman gambles confidently with coach pick