So new rumour drama again regarding the Lightning ownership...

  • The blog of Bruce MacLeod of the Macomb Daily has some interesting stuff on the loan to the Lightning from Palace Sports and Entertainment. MacLeod writes that the Lightning have defaulted on the loan, which is not surprising to hear, since the owners are OK Hockeyt. Wasn't there some deadline of ownership buyout? That deadline has long since passed with no news. Another source of MacLeod's says that the NHL is setting a Feb 15 deadline for new ownership. Ok so that's right at the start of the Olympics, but then you gotta ask yourself, who would really want to buy the team?
  • The Lightning are last in the list of teams with regards to the number of man-games lost, what I'm saying in English, is that out of all the 30 NHL teams, we have the fewest man-games lost at 47. Edmonton leads the league with 270. Ouch. And the Lightning have 1 point less than the number of games played....errr...
  • The Lightning are teaming up with the American Red Cross to donate money to Haiti. For the next 8 games, the team is pricing certain seats at $65 for lower level seats and $10 for upper level seats. The Lightning will then donate $15 for each lower level seat, and $5 for each upper level seat to the Red Cross. So do the math, you go to the game, pay 5 bucks for a ticket and donate 5 bucks to charity, it really is win-win here. You can go to a hockey game and feel like you did something nice. For more info, see here
  • Cristodero is thinking that Hedman will most likely be benched for the game against the Leafs
Tocchet said:
"We might have to take a step back with him," Tocchet said. "He's played a lot of hockey. There are a lot of expectations. He's been struggling. He's been making some mistakes, so we might have to take a step back. He might have to watch a game. There's nothing wrong with that. we did it with Stamkos." -Lightning Strikes

Tough break for Hedman, but I find that the Lightning may have been a factor in his struggles as they have not managed his ice time well, giving him way more time than he should get some nights.
  • Although Smith practiced for third consecutive day, it is unlikely he'll play tomorrow against the Leafs, so instead we should see Niittymaki again
Game time against the Leafs is at 7pm, because well, it's on TSN lovelies and they have a bit of say as to when they want their games shown