I can't believe this night happened. Did tonight happen? Did we seriously win 7-4? Is life real? Why does Backstrom look like he fights worse than a girl?

Do these players still think they are trying out for Team Canada?

  • Holy powerplay goals batman! There were 6 powerplay goals between the two teams tonight. Sounds fantastic and all, but that just points to the fact that way too many penalties were taken
  • Do the goalies just stop trying to stop the puck on a powerplay?
  • Mike Smith left the game with an upper body injury
  • And then I read this on Erik Erlendsson's twitter:


What is a cervical strain exactly? I feel like this injury should apply to men.

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Oh this is a neck injury? Hmmph, you could have had me fooled.

  • Stamkos had two goals tonight bringing him up to 25 this year. That's two more goals than last year. He's also ranked #7th in the league for goals. Woo!
  • Brandon Bochenski has played 5 games and has 1 goal and 4 assists
  • Brandon Bechenski also has that model look going for him...his photos just keep getting better and better

Look at that look! Yowza.


Such a stud. He knows he's got it....just look at him...

  • The Lightning blew a 3 goal lead
  • The Forum was a little empty...non?


And this is what happened at the 14 minute mark of the 3rd period

In the end, huge with for the Lightning over the Capitals since they had lost 12 straight games to the Capitals. Wins over your divisional oppenent need to happen if you want get in to the post season, so nice to see the boys win.

And one last thought: Water from this guy, would be the last thing that I would want to be sprayed with at the game with. Ewwwwww....