You heard me, the useless Lukas Krajicek is no longer a Bolt. Woooo! We should have a party! The Lightning have found a way, and by found a way, I mean stuck him on unconditional waivers and then terminated his contract (I'm going to overlook the whole issue that we just waived a guy away for nothing by cap relief).

This useless piece of junk that we acquired in a swap with Vancouver (we sent away Shane O'Brien), and then gave a 1 year contract extension worth $1.475 million, continued to be a useless piece of junk in Tampa. In 23 games with the Lightning this season, he had 1 assist. The Lightning had already sent him through waivers down to Norfolk back in December to take his contract off of the cap.

The Flyers have already signed Krajicek. I feel bad for you Flyers, since if you need a player like Krajicek, you must really be in a need of a defenceman, since Krajicek is shit.