There's something about having someone make you an omelette to order at the breakfast bar of your hotel that really just elevates your vacation to a whole new level. And having a fruit station of cut papaya's, white pineapples and passion fruits galore may just be resort heaven.

To put it into persepctive, I went to the store when I got back and spent $4.56 on ONE papaya. And don't get me started on the passion fruits that are priced at $2.50 EACH. Clearly I still gave in a bought my one papaya...but had to pass on the passion fruit as I felt the grocery store was attempting to rob me of all my money.

So that's where I was on my little blogging vacation away from hockey and the internet. I was on the beach with weather that I imagine that Tampa Bay has all year around, followed by some time spent with family back home. But I'm back now. all refreshed (I hope) and ready to get back into hockey. I've been home a few days now trying to get my grasp on all that has gone on in the world of the boltosphere.

So I leave for two weeks and this is what I come back to:


Is this for real?

And we traded for a goalie?

Bless Yzerman's heart.

And we signed Marc-Andre Bergeron who the FHF aptly nicknamed the Urologist?


Then I watched Stamkos fail at life on a penalty shot

And then the score on that last game: 8-1 Pens. I read the recap by The Pensblog since I see the humour in the score. Maybe you did not if you watched the game.

Then I again I didn't watch the game since I was too busy getting my heart broken by Team Canada at the WJC's. Good thing the Canucks won that night or I would have been a mess of having all my teams lose fantastically in one night.

So the point to this post is that I'm back to blogging on LHB. It will take me a few days to get back into the writing schedule, so bear with me. Oh and there is some revamping done to the blog look and comments that are expected to appear soon that should help improve the site.

Next game: Ottawa Senators on Saturday on HNIC! (and SUN obvs)