With a two day break between games, Nate Thompson took today to blast Eric Boulton for a knee on knee hit during Wednesday's game.

"It was awful," Thompson said Thursday after watching a replay. "I mean, I'm by the guy. You can see on the replay he purposefully puts his knee out and barely misses with an elbow, too. I'm not really too surprised. Eric Boulton, not the best player in the world. He's got to compensate for sticking his knee out when I'm by him with 10 seconds left in the game."
Love how he called Boulton "not the best player in the world". Thompson didn't practice with the team today taking a maintenance day with Coach Boucher says that his knee is hyper-extended, but Thompson said he's be good to go for Saturday's game.

Other news:
And lastly, because I should explain why I have a photo of a Stamkos bobblehead: The Lightning are giving away Steven Stamkos bobbleheads to the first 5000 fans in Lightning gear going to the game against Carolina on Monday. And I think that bobble head of Stamkos holding his trophy is a pretty awesome looking bobblehead. It's like "Hi I'm Steven Stamkos, I'm holding a trophy, what are YOU holding bitch?"