Marc Savard makes his return to the ice tonight...


And the Bruins take the Lightning out back and were repeatedly punched in the face by the Boston Bruins.

Read more about being repeatedly being punched in the face...



And not just one bruin, no, SEVEN different Bruins scored on Mr. Smith tonight. There were in fact only four forwards (Savard, Seguin, Campbell Bergeron) who DIDN'T have a point tonight.

Let's do a little comparison for fun shall we?


This makes me die a little inside.

Like seriously, how much better could be as a team if our goaltending wasn't so bad?

And not to say that Stamkos has to scores 50 goals this season or anything, but look who just tied him in goals with a hat trick tonight?

Offtopic: That's a good photo there Crosby. Well done.